Monday, September 13, 2010

Farewell Cody and Yellowstone!

It's 6:00 AM and we are preparing to leave our quarters at Thomas the Apostle Retreat Center and head to the airport for the long trek home. We have a 5 hour layover in Denver. We are taking advantage of this and let Heather Daniell, who lives in the Denver area and who had been our Administrative Assistant at St. Paul's a couple of years ago, know we would be stuck at the airport for some time. She is going to meet us and we will visit and have lunch together.

This past week has been extraordinary. We made 3 trips to Yellowstone. It is a 50 minute drive to the East Gate, and then another 40 minute drive or so to Fishing Bridge and the Grand Loop which is a figure-eight road that takes one around to the the different parts of this incredible park. I had said to some before I left that I was, in many ways, looking forward to visiting Yellowstone as much, and perhaps more, than any other part of the sabbatical journey. I was not disappointed. It is an experience of a lifetime and certainly, has set the stage for the rest of our "wilderness" experiences.

In my Bible Studies and in sermons, I have often stated that in the Bible, the wilderness is a place of holy encounter. It is, and it has certainly been for us here in Cody, and most especially in Yellowstone.

I've got to go; we need to get to the airport, but I will pick up the narrative of this week in my next entry. At the top of this entry are some of the beautiful pictures we took at Yellowstone on our second day in the park.

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